Avenida Patent and Innovation cell

Avenida Patent and Innovation cell offerings

  • Create a culture of patent and innovation
  • Orient and Educate faculty, management, students and other stakeholders regarding Patent.
  • Sessions for students and faculty on a regular basis, creating awareness about generating ideas for patent.
  • Design policy documents, SoPs and any other documentation required.
  • Setting up in house support for Inviting Ideas from faculty and students.
  • Screen, review and identify patentable ideas.
  • Work on patentable ideas and file for patent registration.

Avenida Innovation center and Incubator

  • Identify ideas which go on to become innovations ,evaluate their usefulness.
  • We will work to create change and foster a spirit of innovation.
  • Understanding innovation we will listen to ideas and ensure all ideas are valued.
  • We will create a forum to help ideas to be taken to the next level.
  • Innovations come from the students which are ideas that are in digital health ,pharma and other areas.
  • We will encourage both incremental and descriptive innovations.
  • We will help set up Incubator where we focus on early-phase startups that are in the product-development phase and do not have a developed business model.
  • And the next phase would be to help set up accelerator And the focus will be on speeding up the growth of ideas which have formed a company from incubator that already have a minimum viable product (MVP) and explore established product-market fit.