Our Why

Skill gap in education

Lack of collaboration in academia

Lack of continuum of care in health


Dr. Ashwani Dhar MD, DMI

Co-Founder & President

Physician Leader, Healthcare IT and Medical Informatics Expert

Dr. Karthik Rakam Pharm.D

Co-Founder & CEO

Pharmaceutical Care Expert

Team of Experts


Dr. G.S. Karthik

Director, Clinical Practice

Mr. Satheesh G

Director, Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Alwin Simon M

Chief Technical Advisor


Prof M. Chandra Sekar


Dr. Sharmila


Prof Sunitha

Public Health

Mr. Tilak

Community Pharmacy Entrepreneur


Arintra is a Medical AI for patient
assessment, clinical data capture,
visualization, chart review and

3 Analytics is a Silicon Valley based AI
Drug & Device Safety Analytics start-up
enabling safety of drugs, vaccines, devices
and cosmetics.

MedAux™ Pharmacy does more than
just fill your prescriptions—MedAux
partners in patients’ health and
provides a wide range of services for
patients’ well-being.

Staffingly, Inc is the leader in Healthcare
Business Process Outsourcing.

Established in 1882, the University is not
only known for excellence in its science,
health professions, animal science and
equestrian studies programs, but also
for cultivating the next generation of
business leaders, educators and
innovative thinkers through a
dedication to experiential learning, both
in and outside of the classroom.

Jiyyo Mitra e-Clinics are
Telemedicine Powered HealthCare
Facilities empowering existing
clinics, medical stores and nursing
homes in Rural and Semi Urban