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Dr. Ravikiran Reddy Pharm.D

Floater Pharmacist, Staffingly, Inc

Namaskaram everyone. During student life, all of us have certain capability and talent to understand things, but the question is are you taking it in a right path to craft a fruitful career or not. For me it is all because of Dr. Karthik Rakam who stood as a benchmark for achieving many things in my life. His introduction to me happened as a part of senior junior interaction with a question called `what is the valence of carbon ‘?. Later on I got to visit his home for organic chemistry classes, which I consider as the best days of my life. Those were the days which completely changed my perception and also gave me the hope that I have a senior who really cares for juniors and also the Profession of Pharm.D. 

I was literally amazed by listening to his classes which are completely different and unique. Many can teach, but it’s the way which makes a teacher unique. During my 5th year, I attended his workshop on Pharmaceutical Care, where he discussed the Interventions he did during his Clerkship and Internship. I personally consider that presentation as a game changer in my professional career. I was so inspired by his work towards improving patient safety. I gradually started to adopt his thought process in understanding core subjects of Pharm.D like Pharmacology and therapeutics which later helped me to do interventions on my own which gave me immense satisfaction and confidence. Later he gave me an opportunity to share my knowledge with fellow students.  He always wants students to grow with him and even more without having to depend on anyone. I have never seen someone so dedicated like him. I always look up to him in every aspect of my life. Best part is now some students consider me as an inspiration and it makes me feel fulfilled. Thank you Dr. Karthik Rakam for being my guru, your impact on me is unmeasurable.

Dr. Akhila Ayyagari Pharm.D

Hub Submission Manager, Regulatory Operations – Pfizer

I am Akhila Ayyagari, Pharm.D graduate 2018, currently working as a HSM in Pfizer. I have joined Pharm.D in the year 2012 with not much clarity about the course. I have crossed the hurdles initially with the help of my Senior Dr.Karthik Rakam, who became my mentor in the later years of my course. 

With his motivation and support through various workshops and modules, I have gained knowledge in Pharmacotherapeutics and other subjects of Pharm.D. I developed keen interest in Clinical research, developed my skills by utilizing all my time in the right way and got an opportunity to work as a Regulatory Affairs Trainee and as a Clinical Research Coordinator at esteemed companies. Later with my hard work and all the support from him, I got placed at Pfizer and currently enjoying my work here.

Dr. Aditya Sai Rama Krishna Pharm D

Research Assistant/Data Manager
Western Vascular Institute
(University Hospital Galway)

My journey with Dr. Karthik Rakam started with one-week summer module to learn Pharmacotherapy, and to my fortune, the bond between us has grown like a Guru and Disciple. During my Pharm D days, he exposed me to numerable number of things and places which helped me grow as a person and professional. I enjoyed his way of teachings mixed with humour. Attending his modules and workshops helped me gain knowledge in Pharmacotherapy and helped me identify my passion in Clinical Research. Furthermore, during my training days in the Clinical Research module, I got the privilege to learn from Mr Vardhan, who is my next Guru to have significantly impacted crafting my clinical research career. Later on, I decided to pursue my masters abroad, where I was fortunate to get a paid fellowship from that organisation which helped gain a lot of practical skills. The guidance received from both of them has made an impact both professionally and personally to my career.
Currently, I am working as a Research Assistant / Data manager under an eminent professor from the department of Vascular surgery and medicine.

Dr. Mohd. Wajid Pharm.D PB

Clinical Research Associate, Axis Clinicals Ltd.

Hi everyone. I am glad to share my experience with all of you. This is Wajid, passed Pharm.D (PB) in 2017. After my graduation, I attended a 3 month CR,PV,CDM and RA module conducted by Dr. Karthik sir. This module was very helpful, practical experiences shared by mentors inspired me and gave me direction. Mock interviews helped me face and clear the real interview with ease. Though they have not promised placement, iImmediately after the module I got placed at Bangalore. Even after placement they guided me in going about my job, dealing with uncertainties etc. Now I moved back to Hyderabad and am currently working as a Clinical Research Associate in Axis Clinicals. Ltd.

Dr. Sunitha Elza Mathew PharmD

Associate Scientific Writer, SciVoc, Hyderabad.

It would be impossible to count all the ways in which Dr. Karthik has helped me in my career. Today, I’ve reached where I’ve really wanted to be (as a scientific writer) and it’s mostly because of his support. I’m grateful that he took me under his wings and helped me unleash my potential. It was during the lockdown in 2020, listening to his sessions, I identified my passion for Writing, started to take Writing seriously and finally made a career in Writing. He even referred me for a freelance role before I got a full time opportunity. The first time I met Dr. Karthik was in 2018 at a workshop on Pharmacotherapeutic Calculations and Dosage Adjustments in Renal Failure. That day’s session was simply attention-grabbing. Few weeks following the session, I found myself enthusiastically attending rounds with doctors, rummaging through patient files for inadvertent errors and carrying-out discussions with my peers.

He is a man of vision and unwavering purpose. He is also a great leader who has dedicated a part of his life to mentoring and helping many PharmDians and even remembers all of his students well. Apart from providing guidance and mentorship, he is also a great philanthropist. From him I’ve learnt that, nothing else matters more than being of service to others. I salute Dr. Karthik for his amazing tenacity of purpose and wish him well in all his future endeavours.